SEPT. 2024: Training in Facilitation of public Dialogue

Applications for the next training in Facilitation of Public Dialogue are now open. We hope to welcome you to Lillehammer from 23rd to 27th of September.


A public dialogue is a facilitated dialogue for the public about a topic of public interest. This form of dialogue can be open gatherings for anyone who wants to attend, or closed dialogue meetings for invited parts of a community or group. This approach is particularly useful for addressing sensitive, conflicted, or controversial topics. In a public dialogue, participants have space to share their personal stories and thoughts, and perhaps build trust and better understanding across differences.

Learning outcomes

This training emphasizes insights and practical knowledge about the public dialogue approach as well as how to facilitate such dialogues. Facilitation is about creating safe space so that the participants in a dialogue can share openly and honestly. During this training, participants will practice the tools a facilitator has to their disposal to create this atmosphere.

In addition, you will learn about the various steps of how to plan and organize public dialogues. Together, this training will give you all that you need to facilitate inclusive conversations on various topics.

*Some experience in dialogue work or previous participation in the introductory course “Dialogue in Conflict” is an advantage, but not a requirement to participate.

Read more about the training content.
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WHEN? Monday 23-27th of September (advised arrival on the 22nd)
WHERE? Scandic Victoria Hotel, Lillehammer, Norway

FEE 1 090 EURO
(The fee covers all accommodation costs and meals for the duration of the training)

(If you need a visa, we recommend applying as soon as you can) 

This training has limited spots available. We therefore recommend applying sooner rather than later.