Our work in Norway

In Norway, the Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue focuses on trainings and workshops, as well as presentations and facilitation of inclusive meeting places. Training courses are basically part of long-term collaboration efforts promoting dialogue, relationship building and inclusion.

We welcome visits from school classes and also offer in-site interactive educational school programs on topics such as identity and prejudice, human dignity and racism, as well as democracy and cultural diversity.

Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue actively cooperates with schools in the Innlandet county as part of the national Dembra network, and offers courses on, and guidance in, how schools can build democratic preparedness and prevent prejudice, exclusion, and racism.

We also offer courses for teachers, focusing on how to provide a safe space for listening and speaking up in the classroom.

The Nansen Center offers courses open to the public, and we accommodate requests to facilitate dialogue. Courses and workshops focusing on dialogue and conflict transformation are regularly held in collaboration with other organizations and institutions, such as the National Wild Salmon Center (Nasjonalt Villakssenter), Lillestrøm municipality (Skedsmo Dialog), and ISFiT (International Student Festival in Trondheim).

Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue also promotes public dialogues, applying methodology we have developed in our work. A public dialogue is an open public meeting based on dialogical principles. Such public dialogues are often organized in collaboration with libraries, museums or organizations and address topics that engage people locally.