About Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue

To create space for dialogue across lines of division is the Nansen Center’s core competence, developed through extensive practice in Norway and in conflict areas for more than thirty years.

Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue promotes peace, human rights, dialogue and reconciliation through trainings and workshops, presentations, and documentation. Our approach, methodologies and networks have been developed through practical dialogue and peace work in Norway and internationally.

The Nansen Center offers pedagogical programs and tools, training courses in dialogue and conflict transformation, facilitates dialogue between parties in conflict, and arranges public dialogues on current topics in Norway and with partners internationally.

By facilitating dialogue in divided communities, Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue contributes to building bridges across ethnic, cultural, political, and social divides. Creating safe arenas for dialogue requires knowledge, tools and skills that are shared through teaching, training courses, seminars, and publications.

Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue was established in 2010 subsequent to a merger of the Norwegian Peace Center (founded in 1988) and Nansen Dialogue (established in 1994), and is one of two entities under the foundation Nansen Academy, and sharing building space with the folk high school Nansen Academy (Nansenskolen).

Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue is one of seven peace and human rights centers in Norway that receive their basic funding from the Norwegian Government’s budget, Ministry of Education.

The other centers are Arkivet Peace and Human Rights Centerthe Falstad Center, the Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies, the Rafto Foundation for Human Rights, the Narvik War and Peace Center and the European Wergeland Center.


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